horsemanship, english, western
1 Day
Lancefield VIC
All Levels
15 - 15 Nov 2020

Women and Horses Day with Dr. Vivian Gabor

Calling on all women with their horses to join us for a fun day of learning, confidence building and just enjoying their horses and each others company.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you and your horse don’t speak the same language? Haven’t we all had these moments where we thought ‘how can I get through to my horse’ or ‘why is my horse behaving in this way’ and wouldn’t we all benefit from building more of a shared understanding when working with our equine companion? Have you had days where you just didn’t dare to take your horse out of the arena or where you wondered where your confidence had gone in taking your horse out on the trail?

Understanding how horses communicate and learn forms the basis to address potential issues your horse might have, such as separation anxiety, being pushy, spooky, feeling anxious, bolting or bucking. However, even if your horse does not show any such behaviour, once you have that shared understanding it will be much easier for you to develop a more effective working relationship with your horse which ultimately influences motivation and builds performance on the ground and in the saddle. If you are interested to learn how horses really think and learn and what makes them tick, and if you are keen to work on your own (body) ‘language’ than this clinic is for you.

However, this will be much more than a horse clinic. It will be a day for women to learn and enjoy their horses, have fun and build their own and their horses confidence.


About Dr. Vivian Gabor

Meet Vivian Gabor, horse trainer, equestrian coach, passionate horsewoman and scientist with a doctorate in Equine Science and in-depth scientific knowledge and a wealth of experience on how horses communicate and learn. In her clinics, Vivian – in a very unique way – combines research and practice so that people can better understand and motivate their horse. Behavioural issues of the horse are addressed through the concept of consequence and reward and participants will become more aware of their body language and what they can do to send the right signals at the right time. However, what will be most interesting in this course is that you will not only learn ‘what to do‘ but ‘why you should communicate in a certain way’! This will help you to retain the knowledge from this course and will make it much easier to continue the work once you are back home in your own paddock.

Vivian will only do four clinics and one speaking event during her Australian tour. So don’t miss this opportunity! We only take six participants for this event, which will allow you to benefit from a unique learning experience and ensure that you get plenty of one-on-one time with Vivian.


Join us for a great day of fun and boost your confidence at the same time!

The day will start with a discussion over coffee, each participant sharing the journey they have been on with their horse. Based on these expectations, the clinic has a free-flowing format and is very much based on the individual needs of each participant. There will be some groundwork and special confidence building exercises followed by work in the saddle.

For participants who would like to venture out of the arena, there is the opportunity to ride out in the paddock or on one of the many trails on the property.


Coming from Lancefield on the Lancefield-Tooboorac Road, make a left on to Burke and Wills Track. Follow Burke and Wills Track for about 8 kilometers. Turn into Feeneys Lane on the right and drive down to #133 which is on the left.
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Overnight Accommodation

Overnight accommodation for riders (additional charge) and horses is available on Friday and/or Saturday night for participants who want to stay for the whole weekend or book additional lessons with Dr. Vivian. Please send us an email info@horsehappening.com


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