horsemanship, english, western
2 Days
Mount Barker SA
All Levels
29 - 30 Jun 2019

Pauly Daniel Foundation and Advance Clinic

The fastest and most efficient way to advance with a horse personally and in their training is to connect with their mind and emotions and personalise their training from what they are telling us they need, every minute every moment. This clinic will not only teach you as many tools as possible to take home and train your horse with but will focus mostly importantly on how we feel and what we do with our horses has the most influence on how they feel and what they do. The foundations needed for all ridden horse disciplines are mostly the same or at least very similar. This clinic has massive Impact on why to do things which makes applying and remembering what to do much easier.

This clinic has an informal format and will be tailored to the need of each individual and for the group as a whole. All participants will be training the basics and foundations, and all participants will have coaching in what they are ready to advance to in their training, as individuals or a group. This is not a step by step system clinic, but personalised group training to encourage and support each other in working as a team with our horses and with each other, with what our horses need every minute every moment.

Join this clinic to benefit from a great environment to learn to increase your feel and awareness.


Day 1:

This clinic starts with the participants in the arena on the ground with an introduction of each participant. This is about discussing strengths and challenges and setting long and short-term goal. Riding from the ground training on day 1 till late smoko or till lunch depending on the group. Then ridden training till late afternoon.

At the end of Day 1 there will be another group chat reviewing what each person learnt and what changes and advances they made or are planning on making.

Day 2

Riding from the ground training on day 2 till smoko, then ridden training till late afternoon. The end of Day 2 there will be another group chat about their key learnings and what they plan and what Pauly advises them to do for homework and advancing.

Pauly usually works with and rides every horse in the clinic himself at some point.

Some training is done as a whole group, sometimes the groups are split to work on different training and levels of training and possibly help each other, but each participant will be training for the full two days. Depending on the facility and availability different training may be incorporated, for example cattle work (training for all disciplines) or a group training on the trail ride, or obstacle training etc.



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