horsemanship, english, western
2 Days
Kilmore VIC
All Levels
01 - 15 Dec 2020

Pauly Daniel LEADERSHIP and TRUST Clinic

The fastest and most efficient way to advance with a horse personally and in their training is to connect with their mind and emotions and personalise their training from what they are telling us they need, every minute every moment.

Good Horsemanship is counterintuitive for the human and for horses. What we often naturally feel like doing is the opposite of what the horse needs. It’s a very unnatural relationship. Some challenges people have is that their horses are not engaged with their human and they are not relaxed because they don’t have enough leadership from their human to feel safe. This results in horses being nervous in new environments, horses having separation anxiety when away from other horses, horses spooking because their mind is not with their rider and bodies not between the riders hands and feet, horses making their own decisions out of frustration, such as not going on a trailer or bucking under pressure. Without mutual respect in any relationship there can never be trust.

This clinic will not only teach you as many tools as possible to take home and train your horse. Most importantly it will focus on how we feel and what we do with our horses has the most influence on how they feel and what they do.



In our clinics we work on ourselves to advance to become who we need to be for our horses, every minute, every moment to keep our horses engaged and feeling safe, which is the strongest foundation to have them happily work with us. The foundations needed for all ridden horse disciplines are mostly the same or at least very similar. The difference is that this clinic has massive impact on WHY to do things which makes applying and remembering the right things to do much easier.

Join this clinic and benefit from a great learning environment to increase your feel and awareness. On the first day there there will be ground work training approximately until lunch, then ridden training. On the second day, depending on the group, ground work training will be until approximately smoko with ridden training the rest of the day.


This event will take place at Fimister Park Equestrian Centre located at 250 O'Grady's Road in East Kilmore, VIC


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