horsemanship, english, western
1 Day
Mount Barker SA
All Levels
20 - 20 Apr 2019

Pauly Daniel Advanced Rider’s Clinic

This is a clinic for participants who have previously participated in one of Pauly’s 2 days clinic and are now ready to advance to the next level.

This clinic is suitable for riders of all disciplines. It will focus on foundation and cross training which are all important to advance regardless of horse breed or discipline.

Basic foundations will be the focus from the start. The clinic program will then progress throughout the day based on each participant’s and each horse’s individual need. Participants will concentrate on being connected and engaged with the horse and influencing the horse’s mind every minute, every moment.


This clinic starts with the participants reflecting on their own and their horses’ strengths and the challenges they face and the opportunities they would like to realise. Each participant will then formulate his/her personal goals for the day.

Participants will be taught how to advance and develop their own horse focusing and building on the specific strengths and challenges of each horse.

Some work will be done in the main group and sometimes the group is split to work on different training and levels of training. Each participant will be highly engaged throughout the day.

To get a feel for your horse and to help you advance the relationship you build with your horse, Pauly will usually ride every horse during the course of the day.

At the end of day there will be another group chat about the main learnings and from the day and Pauly will provide invaluable advice on how to advance back at home in your own arena, paddock and when riding your own trails.




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