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5 Days
Tynong VIC
Clinicians and Instructors
01 - 10 Dec 2020

HSA Instructor & Trail Guide Qualification

Horse Happening and Horses & Cattle Australia – www.horsesandcattle.com – is committed to safety and all our rides are guided by experienced and certified guides and trainers. This is a four, respectively 5 days Riding Instructor and Trail Guide certification course run by Horse Safety Australia for Horse Happening trainers and guides. Since we have a couple spaces left we are offering these spaces to colleagues in the horse industry who want to become certified.

This is one of the few recognized qualifications offered in Australia to teach horse riding and guide trail rides or lead rider groups outside of the arena. You will be able to obtain two types of certification during this course – Instructor and Trail Guide. This Horse Safety Australia course is designed as an opportunity for those already experienced in the equine industry to gain certification. Clinics have a focus on assessments of your existing knowledge and skills and have a training and professional development side to them.

There is always a mix of people from different disciplines and backgrounds and this provides a wonderful opportunity to broaden all our horizons as we discuss the issues which arise. An Instructor is one who can teach the skills of riding through to intermediate levels. We believe instructors should know how to look after horses as well as teach, as they need to care for the horses in their programs. There is also a Trail Guide certification for Natural Horsemanship trainers and those running any type of trail ride. You can obtain either one of those two types of certifications or both during the five days course.

So, why should you be accredited? The Australian Horse Industry Council’s Code of Practice for horse activities requires instructors/trainers /clinicians/guides to be accredited if they teach riding or manage those new to horses when they are interacting with them. Also, both the Safe Work Australia Guide and the SafeWork NSW Code on the subject of horses require you to have a recognised accreditation if you are supervising or teaching people when they are beginners interacting with horses in your workplace. Horse Safety Australia accreditation is now well known across Australia and accepted as a process which effectively assesses those responsible for the safety of clients as they interact with horses in all types of situations.


This Horse Safety Australia course is designed as an opportunity for those already experienced in the equine industry to gain certification.

The clinic consists of practical sessions daily in which we assess the skills involved in teaching horsemanship to others. We concentrate on safety, risk management and effectiveness in delivery of information; be it assisting an individual rider connect with their horse, or managing a group as you help them with skill development, to just ‘directing the traffic’ and keeping riders safe, as they learn the basics. There are also evening sessions where we look at risk management principles applied to the horse instructor role, and the laws, codes and guides which exist in Australia which are relevant to your work.

Clinics are practical, ‘hands on’ processes which cover everything from a client approaching a horse, the first mount (or first interactions with horses for those only doing groundwork), managing an individual or group of clients for their first time on or near a horse, and teaching the basics, through to teaching groups more complex skills effectively, as well as covering more advanced theory levels in all disciplines.
All HSA courses include the prerequisites from the SIS training package (issued by the South Australian Sports Federation Inc RTO ID 2280):
SISOEQU001 Handle horses
SISOEQU010 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks in horse handling and riding activities

These will be assessed through the pre-clinic workbook you will need to complete, and observations of your horse handling skills as well as other assessment tasks which form part of the clinic processes.


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