1 Hour (available all year round)
Lake Eppalock VIC (available all year round)
All Levels
01 - 31 Dec 2020

David Mellor Private Lessons and Coaching

What distinguishes David from other trainers is not only that he understands the language of the horse, but he has a strong ability to transfer his knowledge and skills to you in a way that it is a truly positive, rewarding and empowering experience. Most important of all, David has a genuine interest in your horse and your personal progress.

Booking private lessons with David, will not only accelerate your progress in achieving your individual goals but will give you the best support in how to overcome the challenges throughout this journey.


Your private program will focus your personal goals, your current levels of performance as a rider and the abilities of your horse. Your learning experience will be enhanced by David’s engaging style of teaching and by sharing his invaluable experience with you. And, best of all, you will benefit from David’s true “horse sense” and practical way of helping you to overcome the challenges that come with striving to become a true horse(wo)man!


Private Lessons and Coaching

David is available for lessons and Coaching at the Lake Eppalock Study Centre in Bendigo


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