horsemanship, english, western
1 Day
Lancefield VIC
All Levels
12 - 12 Oct 2019

David Mellor
Trail Riding Clinic

This is a great clinic for everyone who is looking to regain confidence in themselves and their horse and learn how to trail ride with confidence.

Do you have days where you are plagued by self-doubt and dreading to get back into the saddle because your horse is dictating the relationship? Do you wonder where your confidence has disappeared to, now that you are taking up riding again after having taken a break from riding because of family or career reasons or after a bad fall or accident. Have you bought a horse and been dreaming about riding into the sunset and are now completely overwhelmed by it all? Does your horse start to throw tantrums and do you get yourself into difficult situations as soon as you try to get beyond the paddock or farm gate?

Do you want to get back into trail riding and feel energized, relaxed after riding your horse and really enjoy the moments you spend with your equine companion? If that sounds only remotely like you, then sign up for this one day workshop. It will open up new avenues to get your confidence back, enjoy your horse and cherish the moments you spend together.

Book now to unlock your inner strength and develop skills to enjoy a relationship with your horse built on a foundation of trust and collaboration!

This full day workshop incorporates ground work to develop a connection. Training in the arena to learn the techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Then taking your new knowledge on a safe, slow and relaxed trail ride around our property where we can control all the factors that can make it difficult for both rider and horse.


This workshop will help you:

-Get back in the saddle and ride with more confidence

-Get to the bottom of your fears and understand how this influences your horses behaviour

-Share with others what’s holding you back and build strategies for successAddress and overcome barriers

– Develop a new sense of attitude and purpose that will positively influence the time you spend with your horse

– Regain confidence in yourself and your abilities to work with your horseTeach you and your horse to be more relaxed and at ease with each other in a working or other environment

The first part of the workshop will be structured around aspects like groundwork, safety and controlling your horse in the walk, trot and canter will be covered.

This will be followed by a leisurely picnic lunch (included in the price) with plenty of time for discussions.

The afternoon starts out with practical tips to enjoy getting back in the saddle and will ultimately help you to get back on the trail and staying safe.

The clinic will conclude with a short trail ride, guided by Dave, who will support you with his expertise and advice throughout the ride. The ride will take place on a private, fully fenced 110 acre property with riding trails.

There will be a maximum of five participants in this clinic to ensure that each participant can fully benefit from the Dave’s teaching and coaching.



Included in the price

Holding Yards and paddocks

Available for your horse free of charge


Per person



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