Looking at Ute’s track record as a competitor, you would think that she must have started her career in the US heartlands of Western Riding rather than in the South of Germany where her horse riding career began more than three decades ago.

In the world of Western Riding Ute does not require any introduction. World Champion and Gold Medallist in World Team Cutting is just one of the titles she calls her own apart from having won the European Championships and German Championships across several Western Riding disciplines, not only once but several times over the years.

Even 35 years later, Ute’s enthusiasm for the sport is higher than ever. However, what drives her more than her achievements is her work with young riders and students where she can share her extensive experience and expertise and help others grow and develop. Ute travels all across Europe for her clinics and trainings and for her busy national and international show and competition schedule.

In her work as a trainer Ute is passionate about starting young horses and developing them to the stage where they can perform well. In her training work the emphasis is on training that goes hand in hand with the natural abilities of the horse building that unique partnership to work together and perform at the highest competitive levels.

Ute makes her home and manages her business out of the beautiful Black Forest Region in the South of Germany.


Reining and Cutting