Pauly, real working Horseman: Ringer/Stockmen, Horse Trainer/Colt Starter, Horse Training Clinician and Professional Rodeo Pick-up Man. Training for a variety of disciplines from working stock horses to dressage. Pauly’s connection and affinity with animals and horses in particular is life-long. Born and raised on the family property in the beautiful Flinders Ranges and having inherited his family’s respect for the beautiful animals, he started his journey with horses from an early age.

He has spent his early working life on cattle stations in Australia as a Ringer, Drover and colt starter and over the years he has competed in various disciplines. He has also been successful in the Australian Equitana Brumby Challenge in 2016 where trainers work with a brumby over a period of 150 days – taking them from the wild and training them to then compete over 4 days at Equitana. Pauly is passionate about studying Classical Dressage and in his work he focuses on closing the divide between Stockmanship, Horsemanship, English and Western. Together with his wife Lauren, they have built Daniel-Tessari Horse Reflections, pursuing their goal of training and developing confident, soft, horses with as much horse and try left in them as possible.

Pauly says he is still amazed by what a horse is capable of and what he learns about them mustering in tough conditions that come with working cattle and having to get a real job done. Knowledge that is being lost in today’s arena disciplines that come under the “Horsemanship” banner. He also surrounds himself with as many other real working horsemen and women to learn more of the old school and practical culture. He is a firm believer of everyone learning and keeping up as much old school/classical training and philosophy’s alive.

“Part of our morals and teachings is that Horsemanship is the foundation to great training for any discipline. Correct foundations are the core to sustainable great results. Connecting with and training the mind of the horse, every minute, every moment while we are in their presence, combined with training them physically is a combination resulting in happy, very high achieving horse and trainer combinations. From foals, starting, young horses under saddle, to established competition horses. Horsemanship: A love for horses, a real love, the kind of love that makes you want to understand more about who they really are and what you can do for them, which with even a basic understanding of who they are will result in what they will willingly do for you. Then more importantly what we can learn as humans from them. I’ve experienced countless times in my life where I’ve felt I’ve asked a horse to do as much as it possibly can for me for something important that needs doing. When it digs deep, deeper than you knew is possible, to achieve more than you even knew was possible for a horse to do… is the feeling of a horse thanking you for the time and effort you have put into them to help them get to that point. That feeling is one of the most gratifying and addictive connections with one of Mother Nature’s best creations you may ever feel. It’s what I’m striving for more of. Are you?”








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01 Mar - 15 Dec 2020
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