Brad West is the founder of Wild West Horsemanship, specializing in the re-education of OTT thoroughbreds and turning them into trusted horses for leisure riding. He is well known for training horses and helping them to become that special horse that is so often referred to as ‘one for the whole family’. His specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of leisure and also more competitive riding.

With a diploma in equine stud management Brad started out in the racing industry and today has over 15 years’ experience working for some of Victoria’s well known racing studs as a stallion handler and developing yearlings.

Well known for his talent to work with horses in challenging environments over the years also meant that Brad been called in by the film industry as an animal wrangler and stuntman for various Australian film projects.

As one of Australia’s successful trainers in the “Brumby Challenge” and one of the six trainers who took on a wild Brumby from the Victorian High Country Brad has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a relaxed and a willing riding partner and equine companion.

The Australian Brumby Challenge takes totally wild Brumbies, passively trapped as part of an ongoing management program, from the High Country of Victoria and Southern New South Wales. These tough horses are partnered with professional and non-professional horse trainers for 150 days. Following the training period, the trainers showcase both their Brumby’s talent and their own talent during Equitana in Melbourne.

In his work with a horse Brad adopts a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the animal. As he pairs this attitude with his training methodology it is fascinating to watch how he always elicits the horse to co-operate and as a result manages to bring out the best in the horse he works with. In addition, Brad emphasizes on good basic education and horsemanship but most of all on the communication with the horse which is the basis to build a relationship required to develop that special bond between the horse and his ‘human’.