Allan always had a fascination with all things natural and horses were an extension of that when he started out with horses at quite a young age, first with working riding ponies and then later on progressing to racehorses.

Wayne Anderson introduced Allan to the world of the true icons in horsemanship, the Dorrance brothers, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman and this inspired Allan to adopt a different kind of horsemanship. It was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle when their way of working with horses become a life changing experience for Allan, opening up a better and fairer way of working with horses.

Allan found his passion in conducting clinics and lessons and his approach to teaching helps riders to progress quickly on the journey to building a better relationship with their equine companion and developing their own and their horse’s  skills at the same time.

He also enjoys working with all types of horses and across the various disciplines and spends time starting young horses and helping horse owners to get back on track if they encounter any issues with their horse on their journey to become better horsemen and horsewomen.