If you are a horse trainer, or have a horse business, we can help you make it more successful. You concentrate on the horse side while we work the digital marketing and bookings. We can deliver more business to you. Just think what five or ten more clients per horsemanship, campdrafting, dressage, or show jumping clinic would mean. Or an extra six or ten clients on that high country ride or cattle muster

Many horse clinics and events get cancelled. Because the marketing does not hit the mark. The people who are interested never get to know about the riding clinics, horse training workshops, or tours on offer.



We work with you to bring more customers and guests to your events. If you tick one of the boxes below,
please contact us to learn more about how we can work together to increase your clientele.

Horse Trainers – Horse Clinicians – Coaches – Successful Competitors

Are you a horse clinician or horse trainer running or planning to run horse clinics, courses, demonstrations or lessons? We can market organise and bring extra participants, fence sitters to your clinics and help you build your horse business.

Tour Operators – Horse Riding Holiday – Tourism and Travel Operators – Horse Experience Organisers

Do you have the resources and infrastructure to organise and deliver a uniquely Australian horse experience or holiday? We can bring you more national and international clients.

Equine Event and Horse Championship Organisers – Riding and Pony Clubs – Horse Associations

Are you planning to hold a horse event and want to attract more visitors to your equine event? Why not sell your tickets or spread the word by advertising your event with us!

Equine Vets – Therapists – Nutritionists

As an equine vet, consultant, therapist, nutritionist are you offering clinics, training courses, workshops, in horse health or horse care? We can put a course together with you and bring more clients to your business.

Equine Subject Matter Experts

Are you an expert on any aspect of the equine or horse industry? Or perhaps a speaker or author wanting to share your experience, expertise and knowledge with the world? We can help to get you in front of the right audience.

Cattle Station Owner – Farm Owner

Would you like to invite a small and select group of horse riders to your property for a bespoke adventure? Can you provide the ideal environment for experienced horse riders and horse owners to enjoy riding the range or taking part in a cattle muster? We have small groups of experienced riders from Europe who can’t wait to enjoy that real Australiana horse experience.

Horse Stud Owner – Cattle Station Owner - Farm Owner

Are you prepared to open the doors to your stud or farm for a bespoke tour of your property and operation? Would you be interested in showcasing your property or cattle station to a selected, small group of horse enthusiasts from Europe?

Equestrian Training Centre

Do you manage or own an equestrian centre which offers an ideal training and learning environment for horse and riders in a clinic setting? We can bring clinicians and events to you to better utilise your facilities.

Equestrian Business

Do you run an equestrian business? Advertise with us! We can offer you the perfect online marketplace and help you reach a new and wider audience of horse enthusiasts.


Horse Happening brings together quality horse training clinics,experiences and events on a single platform.

We provide access to the large and growing community of horse riders and horse enthusiasts who will book and sign-up for your horsemanship clinic or horse experience, online. We provide access to new domestic and international markets and customer groups. This way we can help you build sales and generate more revenue

We list, advertise and fill your horsemanship clinic, equine seminar or horse experience. We showcase your personal trainer profile and actively work with you to attract more participants, fence sitters, customers
and guests.

We will advertise your horse show or equine event and help you sell tickets in advance

We regularly bring small groups of visitors from Europe to Australia and take them on tours where they visit horse studs, farms and cattle stations across Australia. Offering bespoke tours of your property could become an additional revenue source for you as a farm, cattle station or stud owner.

We actively market our website to attract customers willing to click to book a horse clinic, a training session or a horse experience online. We also sell gift vouchers, which are very popular.

We can help you to turn your knowledge and experience into a clinic, course or seminar (link to clinics). We can set it up and market it on your behalf.

We handle all bookings and participant administration. You receive regular updates about booking patterns.

We deal directly with all payments and refunds for potential cancellations. We will send you the money 24 hours after the start of your clinic or when the riders register on site for the event.

We do not mark up the cost your events but follow your pricing. Similar to a travel agent, we take a modest commission off your fee. We provide the opportunity for Customer Reviews and help you spread the word!

Give us a call and we will have your horse clinic, trail riding experience or event up pronto! You’ll immediately attract more customers. Your equine business will thrive.