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King Valley VIC
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01 - 31 May 2020

King Valley Prosecco Ride

Come join us for a light 30 minute trail ride down onto the King River where a picnic of Gourmet Milawa Cheese Platter & Prosecco awaits you!

Before you saddle up, get a glimpse of life at Forge’s farm and learn the lost art of how to pack a horse – only this time, with Dalzotto Prosecco! A region renowned for Prosecco it seems only fitting to learn how to pack a horse with the region’s finest drop before riding down to the shady banks of the King River where Milawa Cheese and Prosecco await.

An intimate experience learning the ways of old from the Forge’s who are the last original settlers on the King River and still farming the land today. Learn how to pack a horse before going on a trail ride where you will then enjoy a picnic by the river. Enjoy a yarn with the Forge’s family and discover the rich heritage of the region whilst sipping Prosecco and sampling cheese.

The perfect way to experience the picturesque Valley on horseback and bask on the river banks with wine & cheese before riding your steads back to the ranch.


This is a two to three hours program and your ride will start in the early afternoon, where you will be greeted by your guide Ellen who is leading the rides. You will then be introduced to the art of how to pack a horse with the goodies the region has to offer, Prosecco, Cheese and everything that’s required for a great picnic down by the river. Once the pack horse is ready to go, you will saddle up and enjoy a leisurely  one hour trail ride along some of the great heritage trails in the King Valley.

Upon your return, you will be able to tie your horse up down by the river and enjoy a beautiful picnic, sipping prosecco and sampling some great cheese and produce the region is well known for. Following the picnic, you will lead your horse back to the farm, where you will – unfortunately – have to say goodbye to your fellow riders and the Forge’s family who will make this ride an experience you will cherish for a long time.

All Included

All horses, gear, food and beverages provided. You don’t need to bring your own horse.


Perfect for the girls!

Looking for a great day out with the girls? Then this is for you.

Non-riders Welcome!

You don’t want to ride a horse, but still want to enjoy this great event? We can accommodate you!


Per person


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