4 Days
Banyandah NSW
All Levels
04 - 07 Apr 2020

David Mellor Supercamp

Banyandah – David Mellor Supercamp

Do you want to ride and work towards achieving the next level of horsemanship in the most beautiful setting then this supercamp  is for you. Learning, developing but most of all, enjoying working with your horse against the backdrop of the Murray River and the majesty of the gums that line its banks makes this clinic so very special.

Participating in these learning experiences and guided by the David’s expert advice will help you build a better relationship with your horse. It’s about understanding and developing a shared language and building true communication and connection. It concentrates on building your confidence, helping you to become a more confident horse(wo)men.

Every day, you will participate in activities which will build your own and your horse’s confidence in new environments and in a group of horses. It will teach you and your horse to be soft, relaxed and at ease with each other in a working or other environment.

Riding out on the trail every day and even meeting some cows, will give you and your horse a real boost of confidence and most important of all, it will be a lot of fun!


Spending time at Banyandah will show you more ways to enjoy your horse and cherish the moments you spend together. Under the expert guidance of David, you will participate in a number of learning activities every day.

Banyandah’s facilities are thoughtfully created for an intimate retreat and very unique learning experience to enhance your horse/human partnership. Three round sand arenas – large (50m), medium (27m) and small (17m) plus stables an much more.

Step down onto the flood plain and enter the expansive ‘play ground’ for horse and riders with its multitude of jump logs and challenges. Venture down towards the banks of the Murray River, hidden among tall gums, guests will find a large sand arena (50m x 75m), a shady, sheltered spot to ride on a warm summer’s day.

And, if you want to spend some quality one to one time, just take your horse for a little wander under the gumtrees or even dare to go for a swim or at least get your feet wet in the Murray River.

Situated on the Murray River, Banyandah is a mix of open farming, native bush and wetlands. The 400 scenic acres will engage mind, body and soul whether guests will be exploring the land with their equine partner or alone.

Horse and Rider Accommodation

The Light House welcomes visitors on arrival. It integrates a meeting area, teaching space and accommodation. Close by is the Cattleman's Hut, float parking, individual day yards for the horses, 3 round sand arenas - large (50m), medium (27m) and small (17m) plus stables. Luxurious and completely self-contained, there are four rooms in the Light House, each with two single beds in bunk style and two bathrooms. Adjacent to the beautifully appointed kitchen is a superb lounge area with TV/DVD. The Cattleman’s Hut is perfect if you prefer to camp. The heritage-inspired timber slab building offers a basic yet comfortable room for cooking and eating, plus bathroom amenities.

You will also find great facilities for your equine companion. There are day yards, pastures and a wash bay available for use.

Fence Sitters Welcome

Book your ticket online – A$ 40 per day, A$ 70 for two days, A$ 120 for four days


Contact  Jane to book accommodation for you and your horse Telephone +61 (0) 2 6026 8800


Banyandah – naturally! Exceptional Venue – Exceptional Clinicians Naturally!  



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