About us

Horse Happening brings together the best horse, horsemanship training and clinics across multiple disciplines and pursuits –  all in in one place. We can match you up with the right horsemanship trainer or clinic who will help you develop your skills and real potential as a horse(wo)man.

Finding the right horsemanship clinic and trainer has never been easy. Knowing this, has inspired us to develop Horse Happening,   your online horse riding clinics, equine experience and events market place. It is a portal specifically designed for horse riders and horse enthusiasts to find the best horsemanship clinics and unique horse riding experiences and events. And book them online.

Are you striving for a higher level of performance?  Is your quest for more harmony, confidence or just plain fun in your equine pursuits? We aim to offer you the best horsemanship clinics, training courses and horse experiences in the market. We can help you to train with the experts to create a happier, more harmonious relationship with your equine companion. We promise that both you and your horse will benefit – and have fun. Because we partner with the best trainers and clinicians. Our horseback riding experiences will take you to the most exciting places in the horse world! So, make it happen with Horse Happening, and book you and your horse onto one of our fabulous events.

Train with The Best

Whether you ride a Quarter Horse, Stock Horse, Hanoverian, Irish Sport Horse, a dressage horse, show jumping, reining, cutting or indeed any breed of horse – we have the horsemanship clinic or experience for you - delivered by the best trainers and clinicians.

Our horsemanship clinics, training courses, and seminars cover a variety of horse disciplines.

We've got you covered

Regardless of whether you are into Natural Horsemanship or Performance Horsemanship, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Reining, Cutting, Campdrafting, Trail Riding, Western Dressage or Cowgirl Dressage, - or simply want to create a better relationship with your equine companion, we have got you covered. Our clinics and horse trainers cater for all levels of rider education whatever breed you ride, or discipline you participate in. Book a course or clinic with your horse online today. Alternatively we invite you to join us as a fence sitter or observer – we’re happy to confirm your seat - in the saddle or on the fence!

Enjoy Unique Horse Experiences

Join us on a trail ride by booking your horse adventure online. Our Horse Experiences and Holidays (link to horse experiences) are designed for horse enthusiasts and riders who want to go places and experience new worlds of horseback riding. We offer choice of experiences - some you can take your own horse, others give you the chance to ride a fit and responsive trail horse.


Find and book your best horse experience here and get this wonderful Horse thing Happening!

Ride like the “Man (or Woman) from Snowy River”…. enjoy a real Australian Cattle Station Experience…. join us for an adventure in the Kimberleys or participate in a real Cattle Muster. Unbridle your inner potential at one of our Cowgirl Retreats. Join us for a trail ride and ride the range. Travel to faraway places, get introduced to new horse cultures and make new friends. We bring you the best Horse Experiences and Holidays in Australia and beyond!

“Horse Happening”

  • will help you to find and book your course, horsemanship clinic, horse event or horse riding experience online and secure your place in the saddle with the best clinicians and trainers
  • give you instant access to the best horsemanship trainers, horse clinics, equine events and horse experiences across Australia and beyond – and you will never pay more when you book with us
  • give you the chance to unbridle your inner Horse(wo)man and ride the dream!